Present ideas

Soap with letters

Soap with name (4 letters)
Soap with name is an awesome birthday gift. This soap will amaze you by smell and will bring you a lot of positive emotions. Because name is something very private.

ATH: please don't forget to mention following information:

• correct name
• letters' color
• background's color
• fragrance
Soap with name (5-9 letters)
Your name is your pride, your life path and also you inner world. And now just think about - the soap with YOUR name! It's not just something very pleasant. This is also something super intimate.

ATH: please don't forget to mention following information:
• correct name
• letters' color
• background's color
• fragrance
Ideas for special events

Don't know what to give your colleague for another birthday? Having a staff party and no prizes for quiz? Our special soap might be a good solution.

ATH: please don't forget to mention following information:
• correct name/ word
• letters' color
• background's color
• fragrance

Easy and stylish

Soap "Latvija"
Soap "Latvija" is a brilliant present for everyone who loves our country. The fragrance of forest trees will remind you of beautiful Latvian nature. This soap is a great souvenir for your foreign friend or just a good gift for someone you love.
Soap with initials
Our heart soap will definitely make everyone happy. First letters of person's name will show how much you care about him or her. Action always says more than words.

Soap with phrase
This soap is a magnificent birthday gift. You can choose any phrase you want and surprise your friend like never before.

Soap "Owl"
This lovely owl is a good present as for kid, as for adult. Owl is a symbol of wisdom, so it is always nice to have one of these lovely creatures.
Soap "Heart"
Soap "Heart" will absolutely melt yout friend's heart not only because it is cute. Heart also means love. Is there anything better than love?
Colorful soap
Colorful soap will definitely fit in your bathroom. Your skin will be really grateful.

Soap "Piggy"
Soap "Piggy" is so pink and so fragrant, so you just can't say no to her. One of our best sellers.
Soap "Bear"
Soap "Bear" is our another best seller and kids are strongly inlove with these creatures. One of our bears will be super happy to become a part of your family.
Soap "Orange"
This soap is famous not only by fantastic fragrance, but also by creative look. Add some orange is your daily routine!
Soap "Lemon"
This slice of lemon will bring you freshness and happiness.

Soap "Apple"
Our "Apple" is that fresh so you would love to take a bite. Watch out!

Coffee scrub soap
Coffee soap is based on goat's milk and ground coffee. Your skin will be silky and smooth. The best thing for coffee lovers!
Soap "Rose"
If you hear "Rose", you think about love and passion. Get yourself a little treat or give it to someone who you love.


Bath bombs

Bath bombs
You don't need to go to SPA to feel relaxed. Salt bomb is a perfect solution to make your evening warm and cozy. Just try it!

  • Baking soda;
  • Lemon acid;
  • Sea salt;
  • Base oil by "Norden Cosmetic";
  • Food colorant
  • Essential oil for fragrance
Bath bomb "The special one"
This beautiful bomb is organic and doesn't have any colorants.


  • Essential oil for fragrance
  • Baking soda;
  • Lemon acid;
  • Powdered milk;
  • Base oil by "Norden Cosmetic";
  • Salt to decorate
Bath bomb XL SIZE
As bigger as better, right? This XL size bomb will help you to relax after long day. There is also little surprise inside, try to get what it is?

Essential oil for fragrance
Baking soda;
Lemon acid;
Powdered milk / sea salt;
Base oil by "Norden Cosmetic";
Soap gift inside;
Gift box

This gift box includes 4 different medium size bombs . You can choose any type of bomb you like and treat your friend with this lovely box. Or... you can also treat yourself.

Colors and fragrances
Here you can check our color and fragrance selection. Available for bombs and soaps.

  • Red
  • Blue
  • White
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Citrus: grapefruit, orange, lemon, green apple.
  • Berries: cherry, berry mix, strawberry, raspberry.
  • Flowers: lavender, jasmine, rose.
  • Tropical: exotic mix, peach, coconut.
  • Other: vanilla, coffee, bubble gum, cinnamon, peppermint, hazelnut, forest trees.
How to order?
Provide us a following information:
  • What product?
  • What color?
  • What fragrance?
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How to pay:
You can pay at VSpa by card/cash or to the bank account.
Where to get:
  • Salon VSpa, Antonijas 24-1
  • By mail/ "Omniva"

ATH: delivery is NOT included in price. The price depends on a size and weight of the package.
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